We started reaching out to some of our favorite New Thought leaders last week on how they were coping with this new day-to-day, and wanted to share some of their empowering tools with you! These tools are either completely free to you or offered at a deep discount – so it’s the perfect time to take advantage! 

In this post, you’ll find great tips from Julie Reisler, Martha Creek, TotL Entertainment, Brian Akers & Oneness CSL, Carol Howe, Paula Langguth Ryan, Mitch Horowitz, Harry Morgan Moses, Darrell Fusaro, Ron Hill (aka HappyRon), Z Egloff & Melissa Phillippe, Len Seligman, Temple Hayes & First Unity Spiritual Campus, Jen Hutchins, Jay Willick, and more!

We hope to send out more helpful information soon. Stay tuned with us on our social media platforms, and all new materials we receive will be posted on our blog page here!

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